Review: Ice Horse Evendura Boots

You may remember that last spring Dandy won me a $100 voucher at Ice Horse that I used to purchase the Evendura boots. I had them all summer and never used them (mainly because I didn’t have a place to keep the ice packs cool during my rides).


But when Dandy came up with a little pasture mishap right before we were going to sign the paperwork to sell him… well, now I had a reason to use them! Because I was using them on an injury, I only used one of them but I was really happy with how it worked. I would definitely recommend these boots.


What I Love:

The reason I chose the Evendura boot compared to some of their others was because it covered all the way from the coronet band up to just below the elbow. There are two layers that you need to wrap and Velcro around the leg, the first one is mesh and what actually holds the ice packs, and the second is the outside layer that you can see in the above photo. I liked this because it allows you really adjust where the ice hits and how tight you need it to be. There are also two different parts where you can adjust the ice so if you need one part tighter then the other, you can do that.

I also love that each boot is labeled with a L or an R. Sometimes I have trouble telling which boot is which when they’re all open up!

My favorite part about these boots though, are the ice packs.


Each boot comes with all the ice packs you need to fill it and you can buy more if needed. Apparently you can also heat these ice packs up (they have instructions for that) but I haven’t tried it so cannot comment. These ice packs are extremely flexible even when fully frozen. You can see a close up of the gel below. They also hold their cold for a long time. I put them in the freezer at home and they were still super cold a half hour later when I got to the barn.

wpid-20150222_143119.jpgThese boots are also easy to get on and off by yourself.

Here’s a video of me taking the boot off Dandy one handed. You can see the inner mesh layer I mentioned earlier.

Also, if you’re wondering, these things clean up really well! I just closed all the Velcro and tossed them in the washer. I hung them up to dry and they looked wonderful, just like new!

What Could Have Been Better:

The only thing that I don’t love about this boot is that even when nice and tight, the top of the boot still slid down a bit more than I’d like it to. They also do take 12 hours to freeze completely, just as a warning.


Like I said above, I really like these boots and would recommend them. I will still probably chose whirlpool boots or a bucket of ice water for deep icings but these work for a shorter term or even an every day type of thing.

Thank you Ice Horse for donating this wonderful prize to Aspen Farms H.T. I’m so glad I was able to get a set of these.

*** ETA that I took out the bit about not keeping the ice packs frozen out of my review because now that I have all of my stuff out of storage and was able to look, I apparently tossed the insert that I read this on. Since I don’t want to give incorrect information, I figured it would be best to take it off.

11 thoughts on “Review: Ice Horse Evendura Boots

  1. Love ice horse products.

    I bought Stampede the back ice wrap last year and the ice packs are vastly improved from when I bought a tendon wrap quite a few years ago. Two things that are weird though – my instructions say you have to buy separate packs for heat (my packs are identical to yours) and I never remember reading that you can’t just keep them frozen? Mine have been in and out of the freezer for the last few months with no issues. I certainly would want to have them already cold for when I need them (particularly since in my case I have periods of icing 4-5 times a week) so that seems like weird advice.

    I got to borrow and use their hoof boot when stampede was having issues and it was also very impressive.

    1. Oh interesting! I wonder if mine are even a newer version? I did see that you could buy specific heat packs but also noticed on the packaging for the cold packs that you can heat these ones up in a pot of hot water. I wonder too if it’s more they don’t want people to take them in and out of the freee all the time? If I had my own place I’d probably keep them in the feeezer all the time, warning be darned. I’d take them out and look now but they’re packed in a storage crate. 🙂

  2. Even if the gel does break down each time they freeze/thaw, I’m not sure that’s a reason you can’t keep them in the freezer. If they only break down with a full cycle, and you’re pretty much guaranteed to use them again at some point, then having the packs in the freezer shouldn’t hurt them, right? Or is it specifically a rule against cold storage?

    1. Not sure. It was in the small print on the packaging not on the actually ice pack (I found it while looking for special washing instructions). It certainly sounds like the unfreezing is what causes the break down but I’d have to look at it again. I’ll have to do that when I can get the boots out of our moving pod.

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