Review: Hands On Gloves

I bought these gloves sort of on a whim. I had seen them online and with two very hairy dogs, I thought they were probably worth a try. We have a Furminator which works great to get the hair off but Guinness isn’t a fan of being brushed with it.


They are basically a curry comb on your hand. I have tiny little hands so unfortunately the medium is still too big for me but they fit Eric perfectly.

Harley was immediately excited about these, wanting to know what they were and jumping at my hands. Once I put them on her body she went crazy pushing in to me and begging for more scratches.


It was the same thing with Guinness! He loves them. We just massaged and ran our hands through his coat. He usually runs away from the brush but not with these.


And the best part is that they really do get the hair out! I didn’t take an after picture but it was awesome. And the dogs both looked like they had just had a bath and were all fluffy and pretty.

I bought these for $24.99 at Dover Saddlery but you can also buy them directly from the company at Hands On Gloves. If you have dogs that shed or like to get lots of loving, I really recommend them!

Haven’t tried them on Gus yet. I will do a second review when I do.

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