Recap: Lake Washoe

September 8, 2012

If you haven’t realized it yet, Lake Washoe is one of my favorite places to go around here. It’s great for so many things, swimming, taking the dog out to play, trail riding. Eric and I are lucky enough to have a great friend loan us her horse so Eric and I could go on a trail together and we chose to go to Washoe. I think Eric just wanted to gallop Dandy but hey, can you blame him?

I rode our borrowed horse, Klancie, and had a great time being the photographer/videographer/dog wrangler. While Eric galloped Dandy, Klancie and I stood patiently in the water if a long rein. Guinness was the one who wanted to take off, Klancie could have cared less.

And yes, I am riding without a helmet but it was a calculated risk on this horse and in these circumstances. Wearing a helmet is something I am always a fan of but in this case the only place I was going to fall was on soft sand so I was wiling to take the risk with a steady eddy type horse.

Anyway, both horses were good. Guinness was good. Enjoy the video of Eric riding Dandy:

I’m really hoping we can get back up to Lake Washoe again before the weather turns.