I have been doing a lot of thinking recently about what I wanted to get out of this blog. It has changed a bunch from my very first post to now and I’ve gained a wonderful sense of community that I wasn’t expecting back then. What I realized was that I want this blog to really be a reflection of my journey. I want to be able to share the highs and lows of working with OTTBs. I want to be able to commiserate with others struggling with their green horse problems. I want to be able to brag about our shows and share all the pretty pictures with you.


But mostly, I want this blog to be true. I like talking and I have a lot of opinions. Sometimes I’m not the most eloquent speaker (or writer in this case) but that doesn’t mean I don’t have something to say.

Some of you might say that I’ve already been doing all of that, and I suppose you’re pretty much correct. I do tend to put whatever I want to say up here and I’m not afraid to share a bad photo or two (or two hundred… Gus is not the prettiest of jumpers all the time and we all know I make the worst riding faces!). But I also want this blog to be more than just my day to day training regimen. I want you to read this blog and really feel that you know me.

To that end, I’ve decided to rebrand this blog. Dandyism is a thing of the past and you are now reading the very first entry of Gray Horse Problems, complete with our own domain name ( so update any links please!).

I am still in the process of getting everything just right so you’ll continue to see small changes throughout the next few months but I hope you won’t feel like I’ve really changed. I hope you’ll feel like I turned the page and started a whole new chapter, and I really hope you’ll follow along on the ride!

So come visit and like our new Facebook page Gray Horse Problems and follow along on Instagram at @Grayhorseproblemsblog.


And thank you for to everyone who has experienced even a little bit of a journey so far. I can only hope that even more good things are coming our way.


14 thoughts on “Rebranding

  1. I always loved Dandyism and your tagline, but wondered if you were going to change it for the era you’re in now. Glad you have a plan.

    And LOVE that pic of you sitting on Gusgus. Too cute!

    1. Aww thanks I did too but I felt like it was time for a fresh start.

      I will have to do a post with the outtakes from that session because it’s a prime example of why you should always wear a helmet even when just jumping up for a photo. 😉

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