Rainy Day Updates

Of course the minute I cave and call the farrier that I need front shoes on “RIGHT NOW” no matter that I’ll be paying to reshoe in three weeks… it rains. And rains. And rains. So much that the arenas are yet again closed.


And this wouldn’t be a big deal because I’m more than happy to hack except that it is now dark by the time I get off work and get to the barn. And it’s not really safe to road hack out there in the dark. No lights and all.

So I have been going straight home after work and running. I hate running with a passion but I really need to get back in shape. And at least the dogs enjoy it. Yesterday was my second day doing the C25K program. It was harder to start but easier once I got going. Now I am SORE. Probably doesn’t help that I wore heels to work today. Bad decision.

I suppose I’ll run again tonight. Nothing else to do.

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