Rain Delay

I’ve commented before that if it rains to hard, the barn’s arenas get shut down until they dry out. This is, of course, totally understandable though it can be frustrating. This morning my alarm went of at O’Dark Thirty and as I was getting ready, I noticed a picture on a fellow boarders Facebook from yesterday evening. While we had gotten thunder and wind at my house, the barn had just about been flooded. Well, guess I’m going back to sleep!


Today is supposed to be super hot, high 90’s. So, I don’t know. If the heat breaks this evening, I will try to go out. Gus really needs another school in the ring with all the flowers up. Yesterday’s ride was not as great as I’d like. It wasn’t bad. It just wasn’t great.

Tuesday we just hacked because I couldn’t make myself get up when my alarm went off and it was already humid and gross at 9:00 am when I made it out. 

wpid-img954794.jpgBut it was a nice hack in the XC field (we did not go over that cool house jump, just stood for a picture) where I made him walk down the bank and he took off over a 4 inch log. But, details.

Luckily the heat and humidity is supposed to go way down tomorrow and only be in the lower 80’s for the show on Saturday. This is slightly disappointing only because it means they probably won’t waive coats (this is a local recognized show and they want it to look professional). I got my ride times and they are:

Intro A – 1:45 1:39
Intro B – 2:48 2:54

We will just go out and do our best. I want to see that Gus is thinking and that he is not overreacting. For me, I want to watch my rein length and ride every step. And then even if we come out of that ring dead last, I can be happy with our first outing.

And stuff GusGus’ face with his favorite treat:


7 thoughts on “Rain Delay

  1. Aminal kookies for GusGus! Seriously though, I can empathize 110% about the frustration of flooded arenas having to be closed. This has been our life since May, and all the fields have been flooded too. SIGH. Good luck this weekend!

    1. He doesn’t like really anything else! And yeah, flooded riding arenas suck. At least mine will dry up by this afternoon.

  2. ugh i hate it when the weather messes with all our plans!! heat or rain … it all kinda sucks lol. good luck getting ready for the show!!

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