I had such a great lesson yesterday, which is good because I’ve only got  a few left before I leave. Anyway,  what made the lesson so good is that I am really starting to  feel like I’m making progress with my equitation. Is it going to win me a blue?  No. But my legs are getting stronger. My shoulders are not quite so forward. And my elbows are getting softer. As my trainer likes to say, we may dress like ragamuffins but we will be pretty ragamuffings.

Even jumping I’m not throwing myself forward quite as much. It still happened a lot yesterday but this was because I wasn’t being confident enough with my riding. We were working on pace, striding, and distances. A few times we were coming in and I saw the long spot so instead of making him wait for the deep spot, I threw myself up the neck and got some prettt jarring jumps. Good thing my boy takes care of me.


We also rode in a running for the first time (and yes, I know I’m missing the stoppers) and I really liked it. There was one jump in particular that Dandy wanted to giraffe and drag me through but he hit that martingale and said “woah!  Maybe I do want to listen to that half halt.” I am going to check some of the consignment stores around here to see if I can find one for cheep. It is definitely being added to out jumping outfit.

6 thoughts on “Ragamuffins

  1. Dandy is so handsome! I definitely have the throw body at horse issue too. drives me nuts because I know that I am doing it! Saw that you are moving to WA! I live 30 minutes from Seattle if you need horse info or place to lesson during your transition! I am at a h/j barn, but there are a fair number of jumpers.

    1. Thanks! I think he’s pretty awesome too. 😉

      I would LOVE any recomendations for barns or places to avoid. I don’t know the horse area up there at all.

  2. Running martingales can be magic. Why is it that as riders, it seems so smart to lean for the long one? I do that too, and it drives me nuts!

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