Puppies on the Go

Between all the packing and working and just the general getting ready to move stuff, I have been trying to keep the pups busy.

I bought Harley a bunch of new nylabones from Costco and, to my great surprise, Guinness was quite enchanted with the bacon flavored one. Guinness is not one for bones or chewing of any kind.


They all smelled like plastic to me but Guinness picked that one out and ran off with it. Harley tried to get him interested in the peanut butter one so she could take the bacon one but Guinness wasn’t having any of it.


Every Wednesday has been agility class. They each get to go to half the class and this has been very hard for Harley. She’s gone a bit crazy actually because she doesn’t like being left in the car. As a consequence, the first time we do a run she bolts for the nearest contact equipment. Lovely.


And of course there have been lots of park visits! Marymoor Dog Park is literally the best dog park I have ever seen in my life. The dogs are really going to miss it.


Guinness is not a big swimmer but he is getting better about getting in the water. He still won’t go out further then he thinks he can touch. He does love tunnels though… and mud…


He was pleased with himself. I was not.

We also saw a gorgeous about six month old white long haired shepherd at the park one weekend. His name was Klaus. I want him.


Seriously, I almost stole him.


Harley, on the other hand, loves swimming. She will swim, swim, swim, and swim. All day if you let her. Actually, I usually have to tell her we’re done because she will keep going until she drowns and the water is still a little cold for me to want to jump in after her.


At least I get a really tired dog afterwards! Guinness is only slightly wiped out.


And to dry off, Harley then likes to go roll on her dry dog bed. Or my bed. Or the couch.Thankfully this time she chose her own bed.

And to top it all off, I got to play with a friend’s three month old black lab, Bella(trix). I luv puppies!


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