Pumpkin Roll 2012 Live

Currently at the schooling show and we’re having a great time! It was a bit of a hassle getting here as there’s so much road construction but the horses loaded well and we got a great parking spot. I’ll actually be able yo drive out of here without backing or anything. The funny story is how I showed up at the barn, got out to hook up the trailer, and discovered I was still wearing my slippers. Ooops! Good thing my boots were already in the trailer.

Both boys dug right into their hay with gusto. We ended up having the perfect amount of time to warm up. Krissie and Klancie worked on impulsion while Dandy and I work ed on relaxation. He was so much better than last time. All four feet states on the ground. I even got Dandy to walk.

Intro A was so good for Dandy! No major mistakes and a calm horse throughout. Dandy had a really nice entrance and really tried. The judge liked him and gave us some pointers to work on. All things we’re doing with Kristen of course. 🙂

Okay, going to get back to the ponies and maybe get some water.

Just got done with Intro B. Not as good as Intro A mainly because he was so calm I had to KICK him to trot. The judge wrote “Resistant” at the point… Anyway, this was another great test for Dandy and I. I definitely like when things go smoother.

The ponies are eating their dinner and relaxing. We’re packing up and heading home. More later.