Why is it so much work to get a horse show ready? I shouldn’t have to start this process in February… should I?

I’ve finished the long process of pulling Dandy’s mane. It is both long and thick; which is not something that I ever thought I’d curse!

Day 1:

Although that is about 1/4th of the mane, it is really only 1/8th of the way done as it sill needs another two inches off. Boo.

Dandy is actually pretty good for pulling. I put him in the cross ties and he was an angel for thirty minutes and tolerant for another fifteen. I’ll take it. Plus, my fingers started getting sore after about that amount of time. I suppose he had this done a lot as a race horse and they did a good job! Until I started pulling his mane was long but all even and pretty. I was actually a little scared to start but now I’ve got to keep going.

Day 2:

Didn’t get a picture because I was lazy… only got a few inches done. Dandy kept tossing his mane like he was trying to get flies off or something. He’s a cute boy and I can’t blame him for wanting me to stop.

Day 3:

Done! Thanks to Eric, Dandy’s mane is all pulled… well, for now.