Positive Rides

Despite the disaster less than ideal outing at Whidbey, I’ve been having some really good rides on Dandy lately.

On Thursday I had a lesson, the first one in my new saddle. It was so good. I felt so secure in my saddle and I was feeling pretty confident riding Dandy that day. We ended up working on poles on a circle, both raised and flat on the ground. The trick for me was keeping Dandy on the circle and to keep trotting through them. Dandy wanted to canter. But finally we got a couple of good circles so we switched to a canter. JLE also put a second set of poles on the other side that were set at a trot pace. I was having to do quick but good transitions and it was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be.

Then, today, the boy came out to the barn with me to ride. It was still pretty humid, despite the cloud cover so we didn’t have a long ride but it was perfect. Eric rode first and, even though it’s been a while, he did really great. But then, Eric ALWAYS has gotten along with Dandy really well. Dandy really should be his horse. Dandy did test Eric a bit with a few hops but Eric doesn’t take any shit.

Next I was able to get on Dandy and I was immediately impressed that Dandy was ready to get back to work. Lately, a stop or walk break has been grounds for him to throw a bit of a tantrum. Today though he was foot perfect.

I am kind of pleasantly surprised watching the video. It has been a long time since I’ve had someone around to video me and I was shocked at how much I actually have improved. Is there more needed? Of course! My lower leg still swings but there’s been huge improvement of my upper body.

I’ll go out and ride tomorrow, maybe do a trail ride, and then on Monday he leaves for Rebecca Farms! (He’s in Sr. Open Novice D if you want to stalk him!)

8 thoughts on “Positive Rides

  1. “Elegant” was the word that came to mind as I began watching the video and saw the canter. He looks so steady and fun. And the other thought that came to mind is, “Where is she riding that she can wear long sleeves in the summer? Isn’t it too hot?” Ha ha. And my last thought, “She must love the color orange.” 🙂

    1. Haha. It’s a special summer shirt to keep the sun off. Not quite like wearing a tank but it does have mesh on the underside that helps keep me cool. And I do love orange 🙂

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