Poplar Place Schooling Show July 9, 2016 – Success and Disappointments

Poplar Place was our best show to date. To be fair, it was a smaller show and less competition but I’m not just saying it’s our best show because we came home with a red ribbon. I think it was our best show because of how much we grew this time around.


In dressage, Gus still had his ADHD moments but instead of letting it ruin the whole test, his focus came back in the next stride or two. Both canter leads were achieved and he had a wonderful square halt that received an 8! By far his best test.

And then in stadium… well, to be fair it was a shit show on Gus’ part. He was very impressed with the height and the standards but I got that fucking course DONE! And yes, there were at least two fences that Gus would have refused had I not pony clubbed up. We were going over or thru the fence, no stops! But more importantly, I rode a whole course of 2’6. I actually did it. I felt like a badass afterwards.


The only disappointment of the day was that just when XC was going to start, a huge thunderstorm rolled in and they called the show. I knew we could have taken all of those jumps and I was ready for it so I was sad. But still, we accomplished so much on Saturday that it was a win in my books. I love this horse so much.

More detailed posts and pictures to come.

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