Poplar Place Schooling Show 4.30.16 – XC

By the time XC came around, I was ready to go home because it was just so damn hot. We were in the back field this time so there were no natural fences to warm up so I popped over the stadium fences once or twice and then stood in the shade until it was our turn. Gus didn’t like that so much, he wanted to get going!

Honestly, as excited as I was to do XC, when we did the walk I was really wishing I had signed up for beginner novice. Guess that’s how you want to feel when doing a  course walk, but I was still kind of annoyed at myself.

And Gus has decided that he LOVES XC. Ears were up the whole time and he was so game. Pretty sure I could have pointed him at anything and he would have popped over.


The only questions he was a little hesitant on was the round top and that was only because it was completely in the shade. He had no problem with the actual fence.


So yeah, beginner novice, here we come!

And then on the way back to the barn I had to school the water (that was not being used). You eventers know how it is…


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