Poplar Place Schooling Show 4.30.16 – Stadium

I had a much better attitude going in Stadium jumping despite the fact that I was starting to wilt from the heat. Even though it’s probably an hour or two longer than I feel comfortable leaving the dogs at home for, next time they’re staying home. I felt so bad for them and we ended up letting them sit in the running truck for a good portion of the day.

I may have spent a few hours in the AC as well!

But anyway, stadium:


Unlike the December show, these stadium jumps didn’t look big to me. We still don’t have a lot of experience with full courses but I felt a lot more confident in both warm up and going into the ring.

Gus was super good in the warm up. We had one girl in particular who kept running right up my ass, cutting me off, and generally being a nuisance. Thank God, Gus is such a low key animal.


The course road well and Gus only had two moments of uncertainty. One was just a random fence and the other was when he saw the judges canopy. I really wanted to do a big circle past it when I entered the ring but they were trying to really move the class along so just did a hunter circle to start my round.


I tried my best to really just ride the rhythm and I think it served us well. There were some moments where Gus wanted to rush to the fence but mostly he was great. But watching the video I did find a bad habit of mine! I cluck to every fence, regardless of if he needs it or not.

8 thoughts on “Poplar Place Schooling Show 4.30.16 – Stadium

  1. That was a great round! I loved the helmet cam footage. He seems like such a fun ride. As for the clucking, I guess it’s better to be over-encouraging than under encouraging, right?

  2. Great ride!
    I cluck so much, too. My new trainer hates clucking, it should be saved for when you really need it on course. It’s a VERY hard habit to break.

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