2015 Poplar Place H.T. – Ride Times

Ride times are up for Poplar Place! If you want to follow along with Dandy’s first outing of the year, you can do so here.

Dressage: 9:12 AM on Friday, March 20th
XC: 9:48 AM on Saturday, March 21st
Stadium: 942 AM on Sunday March 22nd

Dandy and Capato at Poplar Place. Used with permission from JLE.

Reports from JLE say that they are all settling in great. Dandy went out on a long hack and gallop yesterday and he was training really well at home before they left. I’m excited!

As a member of Team Longlegs and Dandy’s number one fan, I will be doing my best to keep you all updated on his adventures but you should also all go like JLE’s Facebook page: Jordan Linstedt Eventing. She posts lots of pictures and videos of her wonderful boys.

In other news, this blog might be a little silent over the next week or so. We’re packing up and moving this weekend and will be on the road for a lot of next week. I have a few things saved up to post but otherwise, I might be MIA.

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