2015 Poplar Place H.T. – Results

Dandy’s first event of the season and second training of his career is over. While he finished out of the ribbons, it was HUGE improvement from his first training and JLE was super pleased with him. Considering he hasn’t seen a XC jump since September and hasn’t even jumped much since then, I think he did well.

  • wpid-img_2931.jpgDandy had an obedient but not dazzling dressage test which left him in 10th place with a score of 39.5. Now that he’s being obedient and not panicking, sounds like he needs his engines revved up a bit!
  • He then went and had a clear XC round but racked up quite a few time penalty points. Still, he kept in 10th place.
  • Finally, Sunday was stadium and JLE reported a good, obedient round. He had a rail down but managed to finish in 10th with a total score of 59.1.

I’ll be honest and admit that I was a little disappointed when I saw Dandy had a rail. Dandy so rarely knocks that I was shocked! And then I saw the photos. The rain was coming down in sheets. I’m surprised he could even see the jumps, so not really surprised now that he took one down.

It was a very respectable end to his first outing of the year, but, I know he can really shine. I also know that JLE can pull that superstar out of him, so hopefully this is just a stepping stone to bigger things this summer.

WNC Photography handled the photo job at Poplar Place this year. You can check out Dandy’s photos at their website. He’s number 041.

Now Dandy is training in Ocala. I am sure he is enjoying all that grass and nice warm weather. I’m planning on going to visit after The Forks finishes. I can’t wait to see him and JLE!

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