Poplar Place Farm May HT 2017 – Dressage

I may have been a little bit exhausted doing Poplar just two weeks after Sporting Days, but it ended up being the best choice! Having two back to back shows really helped Gus and I settle into show life and I think we both learned a lot.

Dressage was no exception to that! I was a little bit worried on Friday because I had a firecracker in warm-up. To be fair to Gus, warm-up was crazy and it was cold and dreary. I didn’t really want to be out there either. Still, I wish he could have just settled and got to work. That way we could have both gotten inside faster!

Thankfully Saturday was much nicer weather and Gus was much calmer in warm-up.

The test was really nothing special and the judge, apparently already a tough judge, scored it that way. However, what the judge doesn’t know is that it was the most consistent test Gus and I have ever had. We rode Test A, which I like better than Test B. I did have to really fight for the consistency with Gus but I’m proud that I went in there and held him to the rules.

The one thing that I was sort of disappointed with my score about was our free walk. I really thought that was the best free walk we’ve ever had but we got a 5.0. That really hurt considering the coefficient. I hate to think what the judge would have scored our Sporting Days free walk!

Our final score was a 36.8. Yuck! I thought we had done at least a 34. But the judge scored everybody just as harshly so I ended up being in fourth place afterwards out of eleven. Can’t complain too much.

He’s a good boy though and we keep getting better and better in the actual ring.

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  1. My trainer always says that show horses do best when they show a lot β€” of course time and money often prevent the frequency for most of us.

    1. That is definitely true. I wish I could spend every weekend out showing. Don’t know if Gus would be pleased though so I’d probably have to have another horse. πŸ™‚

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