Pick Up the Feet

I am back from my whirlwind week of wedding madness. Don’t judge, but I am not excited to plan a wedding. I am not one of those girls that have always dreamed about their wedding day. Truthfully, I want to elope. So yeah, having to visit wedding venue after wedding venue was excruciating. Especially because my mom was so excited and I didn’t want to hurt her feelings. I’m afraid I probably did a few times. I’m not perfect. I’m human. I do feel bad about it though.

The good news is that I’m pretty sure we found a place. Just have to look over the contract tonight and make the deposit before it’s final. At least that part is just about out of the way!

In GusGus news, I am back to my early morning rides. The lesson students must be working on trot poles which is good news for me because it means I don’t actually have to set anything up!

The first day, Gus was stumbling all over the place and trying to run out from the poles. I just had to keep tunneling him through. But it’s frustrating. Come on horse, these are like four inches tall! Just pick up your dang feet!


But this morning, everything kind of came together. It didn’t start together. It started bad where Gus was really rushing to the poles. Nope, not allowed. So then we had to work on keeping a steady rhythm. That, predictably, led to him falling behind the leg. One pass through, he must have just been dragging his feet because he got a big wooden trot pole stuck between his back legs and freaked.

Oh Gus! He now has a lovely wound on his back leg. Just when we were getting rid of all of his self inflicted wounds, of course!

But I got off, fixed the set and then went at it again. This time I was like FORWARD but also HALF HALT. And amazingly enough, something clicked!

We went through all of the trot poles that were set up and each one went perfectly, I could really feel him using his hind end and he kept a nice steady pace. I decided to give him a huge pat and then be done for the day. But I was feeling a lot better today about the whole thing.

17 thoughts on “Pick Up the Feet

  1. I love would have eloped too but my mom was having none of that. We settled on a small family only wedding instead 🙂 the details are agonizing but it’ll be worth it in the end 🙂

  2. Go Gus!
    I hear ya on the wedding issues/hate/anxiety. So much work and money for just one day. I have to trust that my mom will respect what John and I decide to do. It is about us as a couple after all.

    1. Definitely. My mom would totally be fine with us eloping. I’m doing this for Eric. 🙂 I’m sure it’ll be fun in the long run.

  3. So wish I’d gone with eloping. My family would’ve freaked out. Instead, we’re looking at a 2-day long thing with ~150 people. The bridal shower alone is going to be close to 50 and it’s giving me panic attacks – it’s this Sunday. Getting married is the worst. I’m looking forward to the being married part but ugh.

  4. I had a wedding. If I had it to do over again, there’s a very high chance I’d just elope. Ceremonies aren’t important to me.

    That said, it was a small, fun, simple ceremony with just my favorite people and it was kind of fun.

  5. I want to elope too. I hate weddings. Been there, done that, would rather slit my wrists than do it again. This is why we’ve been engaged this long and still have zero wedding plans… he wants a wedding, I dont, so I’m trying to wait him out. Also GUSGUS.

    1. Haha. To be fair Eric has said many times that if I really feel that strongly enough about it, we can just elope. But I know how much he wants the wedding so it’s kind of my gift to him. It’s definitely a pain in my ass though!

  6. I wasn’t big into wedding planning either, and if it wouldn’t have broken my mom’s heart (and my mother-in-law’s heart) there’s a big chance I would have eloped as well. But in the end, I did enjoy the wedding — and the pictures are pretty fucking awesome. And I got good food and booze so it was a win in my book, LOL

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