This jump looks so small here in this picture but if I’m honest, it took a lot of “you can do this!” mentality to make myself jump it the first time. It’s 2’6, truthfully not that big. Even from the ground I was all “no problem! we’ve got that…” but it looked huge once I was on Gus’ back. Why is that? Nerves?

But anyway, we jumped it. We did a whole course of jumps around the 2’6 range in preparation for the clinic this weekend. And I am so excited about it! These jumps are starting to look small so I think we’re really going to be able to learn a lot. Plus it will be the first time that we’ll get a proper lesson on XC.

There is just one downside to this weekend. I ride at 12:45, right in the middle of the day. Ugh.

JumpSchoolingEdited_32Wish us luck!


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  1. I know that excited feeling when what used to look scary big, now does not. 🙂 Have fun this weekend! You guys are going to rock it!!

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