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When Dandy moves up to Washington he’s going to go from being on pasture board (10 acres) and free choice grazing to a stall with all day turnout; and I’m just a little bit worried. He is an OTTB so I know he did spend months in a stall with minimal time out of it so I know he can handle it but I want to make the transition as easy as possible.

The barn we’re moving to does offer pasture board but it’s down the road and you don’t have a locker in the main barn. Plus with the rain, I’d really like for there to be a spot for Dandy to come in a dry off or stay inside if it’s really bad outside. The pastures weren’t so nice that I thought Dandy would be better off in there than a stall so I’m going to give it a shot. I showed a picture of Dandy’s stall a few posts back but he will also be turned out in individual but grouped (think four of them right next to each other) turnouts. They’re not huge but it will get him out and he’ll have other horses to socialize with.

I’m a little worried about the turnouts just because they’re very rocky to cut out the mud and Dandy is barefoot. I’ve been given a couple of suggestions for hardening the souls (routine walks on pavement and iodine) but I am concerned. If he doesn’t toughen up fast we’ll have to consider front shoes.

Anyway, just a few things I’m musing about as Dandy’s arrival draws near. Any suggestions for keeping a horse entertained in his stall or transitioning a barefoot horse? Already thinking about asking them if I can put a hay bag for evening feed.

4 thoughts on “Pasture to Stall

  1. Our pastures are rocky and when I first moved Teaspoon there he was barefoot. His hooves chipped bad…. Bad, but within 2-3 months they were like iron. He was never lame either.

  2. I know all horses are different BUT i think as long as you are working him enough he should be fine in the stall. Henry gets worked 5 ish days a week and turned out 2 days a week and he is in a stall/paddock set up 🙂

    Henry plays with his neighbors all day.. they pass their grain buckets back and forth and tug on each others blankets… I have one of those jolly balls in his stall but he doesn’t seem to use it- its always thrown outside of his paddock lol!

    I am no help on the feet thing … i tried to have just fronts on Henry but b/c of the amount of hard work and jumping we do he needs the support.

    1. That makes me feel so much better, thank you! I’m not use to having a horse be in full work and a showing schedule so this is all super new to me. And a little frightening at times.

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