One Last Lesson on Dandy

There was a week or so in January that Jack was off so I had one last lesson on Dandy. Going in to it, I wasn’t sure what to expect but it ended up being both very productive and a really good lesson. Lessoning on Jack had improved my riding a ton in just a few weeks and that really helped me when I got on Dandy.

JanuaryLesson_34 JanuaryLesson_35 JanuaryLesson_38He still had his moments but because my seat was more secure and my hands softer, I was able to push through and avoid any major tantrums. It was such an empowering lesson, knowing that I could handle Dandy if I had to. I pretty much expected to not ride him again once I made the decision to sell, I didn’t see the need to put myself through any of his antics. But I’m glad I did. I think it helped close the book.

Being on both Jack and getting back on Dandy has given me a new confidence going into a new horse. I can’t afford something completely made, and I certainly can’t afford a Jack(!), but I feel confident finishing a lightly started or let down OTTB again. I just have to find with a more amateur friendly mind.

16 thoughts on “One Last Lesson on Dandy

  1. I had a ride like that on Izzy, and you’re right, it’s therapeutic. It gives you that closure of knowing “I can do this, but I’m right in choosing not to.” Happy trails to you and Dandy.

    And PS don’t rule out those golden oldies.

  2. What a great feeling, knowing you can, but also knowing you are making the right decision to move on. Have fun looking for the next horse.

    1. Thanks! That whole lesson was just confirmation that I was making the right decision but that I was a good rider. Sort of weird, really. 🙂

  3. I feel so relieved for/with you about this ride, and sending you positive vibes for the universe to bring you your next horse.

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