On Display

My show budget as a child was extremely small. While my parents supported me in every way possible, multiple day shows in the Hunters or the lone horse trial in Wisconsin was just not feasible. Sometimes that was really hard but I did my best to handle it with grace. Because of this, all my ribbons have a special place in my heart and a special story behind them. I couldn’t bring all of them with me when I moved out of my parents’ house so the ones I have on display are mostly those that I have earned with Dandy.

wpid-20140206_073200.jpgLeft to Right


  1. 3rd Place from Frank Town Meadows Show
  2. 1st Place North Run Farms Schooling Show
  3. 2nd Place Priestfield West Hunter Show
  4. 1st Place Lincoln Creek Pony Club – Beginner Novice
  5. 6th Place Hollywood Hills Dressage Show
  6. 1st Place North Run Farms Schooling Show
  7. 2nd Place North Run Farms Schooling Show
  8. 3rd Place Hollywood Hills Dressage Show

I’ve already talked at lengths about Dandy’s first show and what a disaster it was but this ribbon will always have a place on display because of what Dandy and I had to overcome to get it. We could have given up and gone home but I gritted it out and got back on my wild horse. I did it without the help of the woman who called herself my trainer and I did it even though I was terrified.

For many of the same reasons, I hold the two ribbons from the Hollywood Hills Dressage Show in high esteem. Although Dandy wasn’t the panicked mess that I have seen more than once, I didn’t know he was going to behave until we were already at the show. He did have a big spook moment but came back to me and we worked through it. Luckily Dandy has been good at both of his two dressage shows so far but I was prepared for a full meltdown. Instead I got to come home with two very pretty ribbons.

The three ribbons from North Run Farms Schooling Show can all be lumped together because they are important for an overall amazing day. This was the very first jumping show I had taken Mixed Messages (Mixer) to and he was just about a rock star. The first class we entered was for green horses or green riders. I felt a little bad that we were entered against a bunch of little kids but Mixer definitely qualified as green. Even with a little change buck after the first fence, we won the class. I was pleasantly surprised because I hadn’t thought we had put in that good of a round. The other two classes we entered in were a 2’3” class and a 2’3” – 2’6” class. There were only two of us in the round and, as bad as it sounds, Mixer was by far the superior horse. We won the 2’3” class but coming into the last line in the 2’3” – 2’6” I made the turn a little tight and we knocked a rail which led to us getting second place. Overall though, that day was one of the best I’ve ever had showing. I was with great friends, it was a well-run show series, and it was a positive experience for everyone involved.

The 1st Place Ribbon from the Lincoln Creek Pony Club Horse Trial was not won by me, as long time readers know, but by my trainer, JLE, and Dandy. I debated for a while on whether or not I was going to display this as it wasn’t really mine. If it had been anything other than a first place I probably would have put it on Dandy’s stall door at the barn. In the end, I decided that I wanted to hang it as a reminder of what Dandy and I could accomplish together and inspiration for what I know we one day will.

There is really only one reason that I have the Priestfield West ribbon hanging and that’s because it is the prettiest ribbon I have ever received. It was a bit of a sham of a show so the results are meaningless to me. But it sure is pretty! This was also won with Mixer.

What ribbons or awards do you have on display? For those of you who have more than you can count, which ones really mean something to you?