Off on an Adventure

Dandy is well and truly off on an adventure!

wpid-20140306_221018.jpgI spent a lot of time Thursday night cleaning and packing his trunk so that he would be ready to go Sunday and that I would have minimal things I’d need to toss in from use at the Aspen Show. Above are just a few of the things that got thrown in: extra blankets, reins, bell boots (of all types!), and sugar. Can’t go without sugar!

They left Sunday afternoon and spent a few days at Caber before finally heading out to California. JLE wanted to get her trailer looked at first since she has just the worst luck with trailering. Every long trip she blows at least one tire. They finally thought that maybe the problem was the axel of the trailer so that was replaced before they left.

Dandy was good at Caber, which is nothing less than I expected. He has been there before after all. JLE sent me a few pictures which made my heart melt. I missed him already!

wpid-IMG_4859.jpg wpid-IMG_1188.jpgOn Tuesday, JLE began the long drive down to Copper Meadows. She was doing it on her own and going straight through! Jesh, I wouldn’t want to be making that drive. Throughout the day and night she kept updating her Facebook with photos on her progress. Sounds like things were going smoothly.

I finally heard from her on Thursday morning where she told me that they made it to Copper Meadows and that Dandy was a superstar. Yay! Told her I was glad things were going well and wished her luck for the next day.

That’s when I found out that the ride didn’t go quite as smooth as she had hoped. Basically, her engine blew up just before the Grapevines in CA. O.M.G. Poor JLE! She ended up stranded for six more hours before she could get help. The horses were fine with water and their hay bags but I’m sure they would have rather been off the trailer.

Thankfully JLE  made it to Copper with a day to spare so she could finally sleep. After all of that, she went out today to jump clean in stadium and moved up to a third place finish in the intermediate division.