Now That’s a Surprise

I was working on a different post when someone posted a picture of a book cover on my trainer’s Facebook wall with kind of an interesting dilemma. You see, the horse and rider pictured is her!

Just for own curiosity’s sake, how do rights work in this kind of situation? I know the publisher and/or author have to get permission from the photographer and I know it’s legal to take photos of other people at public events/ in public spaces without permission (though it’s always courteous to ask). Are the photographer’s rights the only ones that matter? Anyone know? Like I said, just curious, it doesn’t seem like JLE cares a bit though it certainly surprised her.

Personally I’d be flattered but, then again, Dandy and I aren’t really in a spot in our lives where someone’s going to be taking photos of us and splashing them across the internet. Except for me of course…

I’m probably going to have to check this series out now. Happy reading!

7 thoughts on “Now That’s a Surprise

  1. Overall, this is how it works:
    – Editorial use: You can use any photo that you took anyway that you want. So if I am writing a blog post about how I adore Jen Alfano, I can use pictures of her all day long.
    – Commercial: If the person is recognizable (aka the average person can say that’s so and so!) or the animal is easily recognized, then you have to have a model release to use the photo to sell any event or product.

    This picture is kind of a gray area, because you could argue that you can’t recognize who that is since her face is mostly covered. If I was the photographer though, I would have asked for a model release before using it out in a commercial way to advertise… EDIT- THAT’S A BOOK? Holy jeebus. I think that’s really wrong honestly.

    1. I knew one of you gals would know the rules. 🙂

      Very interesting, thanks for giving me a quick rundown. After looking up the books on Facebook it appears that the author has already changed the covet once so hopefully she’d be up to doing it again if JLE asked.

    1. It just seems so strange to me to use a photo of someone without their knowledge. I know that totally wouldn’t fly if you were using a celebrity likr Brad Pitt or something but JLE doesn’t really rank up at that celebrity level. She’s not even at the level of the BNRs in our sports.

  2. Glad Lauren knew. That is a wicked cool picture though. If I was JLE (which I am very clearly not), I’d totally let her use it as long as I got a framed print of the photo.

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