Not Prepared

My ride times are finally up! Originally there was a mistake and I had been put in the Novice division (eek!) but now I am rightfully put under Hopeful.

Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 9.25.15 AMIt is pretty exciting to see Dandy and I listed for reals in the line up. I’m also looking forward to not having to be there until the afternoon. I’d like to leave the barn at around 10 which should get me to the show grounds by noon. I think almost two hours should be enough for Dandy to calm down (and if I have to be on him to wear him out, so be it).

Only now I’m sitting here and realize just how much there is left to do!

Show Prep:

  • Lesson at 2:00
  • Give Dandy a bath (mane and tail must be done!)
  • Clean up whiskers and the like
  • Take non essentials out of trunk and pack up
  • Pack hay bag
  • Clean tack
  • Laundry
  • Make sure I have extra clothes packed (typical rainy PNW weather tomorrow)
  • Go to grocery store
  • Make sandwiches for tomorrow
  • Pack up dog stuff except for choosing which kennel and water bowls
  • Polish boots
  • And probably a million other things I’m not thinking of…

Dandy was really good for our ride yesterday. He was still over jumping but he was listening and not so crazy. I much prefer that ride. I’m sure we’ll still have issues today but I feel more confident that I can take him around a little course tomorrow.

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