Not Enough

After waking up this morning, it’s official: I did not do enough yesterday to give my legs or core a real workout. *Sigh*.

I rode with jockey stirrups yesterday in the hopes of strengthening my legs but since I don’t have that many holes on my leathers, I just wrapped them around the irons a few times.

Dandy probably enjoyed the ride because while I was bouncing around on his back, doing my best to maintain a steady tempo when I was being thrown out of the saddle, he got to giraffe nose around the arena. I have to give the pony credit as he took good care of me and just trotted and cantered obediently around the arena. As I rode, I alternated between posting, sitting and cantering (in both two point and sitting). My legs were hurting, but I had a suspicion that it wasn’t going to be enough.

Guess I’m going to have to stick with riding stirrup less.