No Stirrups

When the alarm went off this morning at 6:40 am, I almost went back to bed. Glad I didn’t as I had a great ride with Dandy and Krissie this morning. The stirrups are still sitting in my tack trunk but I did my entire warm up as if I had them.

Okay, who am I kidding. My thighs were dying! Especially my right one, for some reason. But I pushed on, got Dandy to collect and sort of move off my leg. We also worked on walk to canter transitions which is something I’m going to need before I go back to doing flying changes. I even feel like we got a better canter than we have in a long time. I was really trying to push him forward but at the same time, harness that impulsion so that we weren’t just charging around the arena. Dandy’s canter is so strong that I’m not totally sure if we’re making progress. I want to ride the canter back to front, I want to have an uphill canter but most of the time I don’t think we’re there. I was reading about different exercises today and I think tomorrow I’m going to start working on the circle of death and just keep at it until I feel like we have a good rhythm and aren’t jumping over the cavalletti.

It was so nice being able to ride with Krissie and I’m really glad she doesn’t mind me giving her pointers. She looks so good on Klancie! I really enjoy riding with people, which is why I suffered the early morning to ride with Krissie. Riding with someone makes me work harder, one of the reasons I’m looking forward to moving this Saturday… hopefully I’ll find a good time to ride where there will be a lot of inspiration to push me!