No Stirrup November


The whole barn is participating in No Stirrup November which I think is all for the better. We are going to have one strong legged team by December!

Because this was my first lesson without stirrups, we worked a lot on my position to get it correct and get my legs long. It really pounded home the concept that thru-ness comes from the legs, not from the hands.

This lesson wasn’t super interesting because it was just a lot about position and keeping him forward in the sitting trot (thank God she didn’t make me post last night!). By the ten minute marker into the lesson, I could feel my calves burning. Today I can barely walk! But it is definitely a good kind of sore.

We’ll see if I’m still feeling that way on Saturday after my jump lesson!

14 thoughts on “No Stirrup November

    1. It’s really awesome. You know you’re not alone! (Also, I think it is interesting because I used to have to do a whole bunch of no stirrup work as a kid but it’s not something that I think most of the barn rats out here have ever done for long periods of time).

  1. Oh my gosh! The no-stirrup soreness. Yikes. Glad I have a pass due to my greenie. 🙂 I will never forget dabbling in dressage with a German trainer a few years back. He told me I had to hold the reins with my shoulders (not sure if that’s something that other dressage trainers use). Anyway, it made sense at the time and I still “get” it, but I could barely remove my pajama top over my head the next morning. I have never experienced that kind of pain/muscle soreness/immobility. Dang! (BTW, I did kick my feet out of the stirrups and ride one big lap around the ring last night after our lesson–that’s gotta count for something).

    1. It definitely counts!

      And yes, that makes perfect sense. I had never heard it referred to like that but I know that feeling of not being able to get a shirt off after a good dressage lesson.

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