No Pressure, Just Fun

Sometimes the best remedy for a rough week is just have fun with your horse. No goals, not worrying about forward and rhythm and connection in the bridle, just riding, just hacking. So that’s what I did.


I’m a very sensitive person and it seems like lately that I can’t get away from being sad. I even had to turn off one of favorite tv shows because it felt too much like the real world and the real world is sad right now. Even with work, things are effecting me that I would normally let slide off my shoulder. There’s not one specific thing I can point to as the culprit, it’s just a steady rain cloud over my head.


That’s why when I had a lesson last week and Gus was not on point like the week before, I was just about ready to call it quits on the horse thing. New Trainer couldn’t understand why I didn’t feel like we were making progress and I couldn’t understand why it was all so hard. (But she is right, we are making progress.)


So last weekend was just about having fun. No pressure to work on bends and leg yields. No pressure to jump big fences. I dragged the husband out with me and just had fun.


I had forgotten how much I needed that.

8 thoughts on “No Pressure, Just Fun

  1. I don’t think you are alone in having a case of the sads right now. I only made it to the barn once last week due to a case of the sads. 🙁 Pony therapy is the best therapy though!

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