No Longer a Track Horse

I’m sure you are all sick of hearing about how Gus and I are handling our Novice debut and really just want to hear more about how New Kid, aka Pax, is doing. Right? No? Oh well, here’s an update anyway.

Except for that he’s had the last week or so off due to Pine Top and the holidays, I think we’re making a lot of progress. Pax is getting a lot better in the cross ties (though I’m still a little hesitant to put him back in the wash rack considering he already broke the cross ties once) and no longer thinks about kicking when I put hind boots on. He was very naughty for the farrier though, which is not at all acceptable. So we’ll be working on that.

Pax has had to learn a whole new way of going though. One where he has to mind and be respectful of people instead of doing whatever he wants.  But he’s a smart kid and he’s learning.

My big goal for Pax is to take him to the Heart of the Carolinas and do the Future Event Horse 2yo division. I don’t expect him to score well,  he’s not really what they’re looking for, but I think it would be a good experience for both of us. It gets him off property and in a show setting without a lot of stress (or at least I hope not a lot of stress!). I wish I was closer to Ocala and could go down to the FEH symposium next year to learn more but it’s just too far unfortunately and in the middle of the week.

One step at a time for the baby horse. More ground work and desensitizing this winter and then, once things start warming up, we’ll start hacking. It’s fun to have a horse that’s old enough to do some riding but still be able to focus on a lot of the building blocks.

8 thoughts on “No Longer a Track Horse

  1. I really like that halter and rope set up. May I ask where you got it? Did it come together or separate? Is that a long lead rope or a short lunge line?

    1. I’m assuming you’re asking about the orange rope halter set? It’s from Clinton Anderson but you can find them much cheaper. I have a nice one from Do or Do Knot Rope Halters in black but it’s too small for Pax. The lead rope is longer than your typical lead but much shorter than a true lunge line. I don’t think it has an official name but it’s somewhere in the 20ft long range.

  2. exciting about his progress! i did a lot of that same ground work and desensitization with charlie when i first got him — esp coming off the track there’s so much value in kinda teaching them we’ve got all these new expectations for what they need to tolerate with respect to handling, and how they’re supposed to behave. it took charlie a little while to pick up on the game, but he figured it out eventually lol. good luck! that’s exciting about the FEH stuff too, i had wondered if that were your purpose in getting such a young horse. tho i’m curious why you don’t think he’s what they’re looking for in that class? esp if that was the goal in getting a 2yo, why get one that isn’t actually FEH material?

    1. I didn’t do as much ground work with Gus as I have with other horses since he’s just been so much more chill about everything. He could use some major desensatizing and trail work though!

      I actually wasn’t looking for such a young horse and would have been perfectly happy if he was going to be turning four or five instead of three! It just kind of happened, lol. I actually think Pax is pretty adorable and definitely has a nice build but I didn’t buy him in hopes of him being a big time upper level horse, which is what the program is really designed to find. I mean, here’s the east coast champions from last year: . Pax is adorbs but he’s not anywhere near that level. If Pax turns into a nice amateur mount who can take me around the mid levels, I will be super happy. If he somehow places well in these classes… well that’s just a cherry on top!

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