Night Rider

I hate Area III. It’s so HUMID! How do you locals do it? Of course, all the locals at the barn tell me that in five years I might start getting used to it. Ugh. If I don’t melt away first, maybe.

So Gus and I have become night riders! Thank God for outdoor lights. I don’t think I have ridden at a barn with lights on the outdoor since I was 16. Of course, this is also the first time I have ridden at a barn without an indoor (sort of, that farm I boarded at in NV didn’t, but that one doesn’t count). 

So now I get out there about 8 pm and right before I put on the bridle, I flip on the outdoor lights and then go on out. It’s usually still light for about 10 minutes but then I’m thankful for the artificial lighting.

Gus and I had been really having a rough week where I have been fighting for every single step. It seemed pointless. Amazingly enough, as soon as I switched to my evening rides and we were both cool comfortable, we stopped fighting. Wow. Who would have thought…

This is my happy (if blurry) face.