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I cannot be the only person who feels like they deserve a bit of reward when going through a tough situation and coming out on the other side, right? Good. Because that’s what happened with me and my job. And since not only am I getting a big pay bump at the new job, I am also getting a PTO payout from the old and a huge chunk of overtime, I went out and bought myself a little present. The Cambox ISIS:


I’ll let Amanda at The $900 Facebook Pony do a real review since she’s so much better at them, but I will say I love it so much more than the GoPro! It’s way less bulky and definitely easier to use. The only thing that I like better about the GoPro is that, since I have it connected to my smartphone’s bluetooth, I can see video right away. I can’t do that with the Cambox. Still, I’m not going back to wearing the GoPro anytime soon. Though I do have other uses for it.

The past weekend I spent a lot of time playing with the angle of the camera. The all the way up position was definitely too high as you see a huge chunk of my brim and the all the down position was just staring at Gus’ neck. I still haven’t found exactly the right position but I think it’s going be just slightly above middle and back all the way against the edge of my helmet.


I don’t think it looks too bad either (ignore the hair, I gave Gus his third clip of the season just before I rode). I have a small head so it definitely stands out more than it would on some people. I could just barely see it out of the corner of my eyes when riding so it wasn’t distracting either. What it did do was keep my chin up so that I didn’t just have a half hour of me watching Gus’ neck for you all.

If you’re trying to pick between a GoPro and the Cambox, I would definitely recommend the Cambox for riding activities. I use my GoPro for lots of other things but the Cambox wins hands down for horses.

10 thoughts on “New Toy

  1. Love it, so jealous, I just picked up my first gopro after Christmas and now the Cambox comes out…ugghhh. Your looking great up on the grey!

  2. I love a good ‘ol treat yo self! And it sounds like it was totally a no-brainer 🙂
    Glad you got a fun new toy we can enjoy with you!

  3. I really like the design of these, so much more subtle than the GoPro’s. I’d love to find one of these for when I go out on trails!

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