New Swag

I love buying myself new things. My family is not really great at picking out the horse presents though they can follow instructions if I’m specific. But I also feel bad telling them all the things I want because horses are expensive, yall! So usually I just ask for money or gift cards and then I can buy what I want without feeling unappreciative.

This year I decided to update my wardrobe a bit:


I have wanted to try a It’s a Haggerty’s sun shirt for almost a year now. I mean, we share a name (or we did before 9/3/16) so I kind of feel like I have to at least give this company a shot. So far, very impressed. I think it ranks up there with the Tailored Sportsmen for the softest sun shirt. It also came fairly quickly (though I did not get any embroidery) and the measurements are spot on to their website’s chart (I will probably order a medium next time though because I do like them a bit baggier).

wp-1483492584115.jpgI got it in our barn colors and am eager to try it out once the weather warms up a bit. The only thing I’m not sure I love is that the collar is so thick. I can probably take that out if I really want but I’ll try it first.

Then I spruced up my show wardrobe as well with a new stocktie and pin from Style Stock.


Very very pretty stuff! I know we can ride dressage at our events without a coat but, and hang me if you will, I like putting on the coat and the stock tie and getting all dressed to the nines. I will probably make exceptions in the middle of summer but if I can stand it, I’ll ride in the coat.

I have a few more things coming that aren’t as fun (eventing watch, new white breeches) and one thing that is: the boy’s present to me which is a new gummy Ogilvy pad! YAY! Isn’t he the best?