New Shoes

Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life

Bear with me, I love that quote. 🙂

Leslie Carrig came out to look at Dandy today and she totally saved my sanity. She was so knowledgable and willing to talk through all my fears and goals for Dandy. I am so happy I decided to send her the photos; she’s my new go to trimmer.

She didn’t do a whole lot for Dandy as he didn’t have a lot of extra material so she just beveled the edges of his feet to relieve the pressure on his cracks. She said that the crack on his side is just an old injury and should grow out and that the little horizontal hole in the front was an abscess. Which is kind of what I always thought it was but since he was never lame I just let it go. Leslie wants to see him on a four week schedule for a few months until the bad hoof wall on his right front grows out but says that over all he’s got good feet.

Leslie also fitted Dandy with a new pair of Easyboot Gloves that look like a pair of Mary Janes or tap shoes. He wears a size 1.5W and they are a lot harder to get on then I thought they would be! But I suppose they are supposed to fit like a glove so… Leslie says once I get used to it, it’ll go much faster. Because his pasture is so soft, Leslie doubts that he’ll be able to fully transition his feet to hard ground unless we move him so now Dandy gets to wear these “stylish” boots on trail rides. The good thing is that these can have studs in them so if I ever need them for cross country or anything.

Dandy's New Shoes

Dandy was a real sport with letting me put them on (and with Leslie) although all he wanted  was the freshly growing grass.

Now for my favorite saying concerning shoes:

her only super powers are that she can walk in heels without wobbling & if you don’t think that’s amazing, you’ve never tried it. – StoryPeople

Also took Dandy for a very short ride at the arena. He was HOT. I asked for a canter and I got a race horse leap and gallop down the long side… ugh, not what I asked for. But I got him quiet, calm, and going well. So we ended it at that. Plus LG had to take her guy to the vet to get his wound cleaned out and restiched. I forgot to mention that I rode him in the boots and he didn’t even notice they were there.