New Saddle!

The 9th was an awesome day. Not only did Dandy’s SmartPaks and flaxseed arrive but so did my ‘new’ dressage saddle!

There was a moment of great panic though as the box looked like this:

The person I bought this from off Ebay did not get a very good review when it showed up like that but luckily there was nothing wrong with the saddle. I went out that night to try it on him and it fit almost as if it was custom made for him! And it’s in great condition for how old it is. I’m going to have to dye the seat but other than that, I’m super happy with this purchase.

It’s an old Passier with a PS-Baum medium tree. I don’t know how old is but I’d guess at least 20 years if not 30. Brown saddles haven’t really been in style since about the 70s… so… I might try emailing Passier & Sohn to see if I can find out any more information about it.

So I was pretty excited to go out yesterday and actually sit in it! It’s a super comfy saddle and Dandy moves great in it. I just love the brown on him!

Ugh, seriously, somebody take a baseball bat to my elbows, please!

On the 26th, LG is taking her guy to a local hunter jumper show and I am going to take Dandy! Not going to ride but it’ll be a great experience for him!