"New" Saddle

I love my Voltaire Lexington. Like, truly love it. But… it’s too big for me. Fits Dandy perfectly. Fits Eric perfectly. Fits Gus pretty darn well (and will continue to improve as he gains muscle along his top line). But for me, the flaps are too long and the seat is too large.

This isn’t really a problem for jumping, especially with how sticky the seat is. For flatting or dressage though, I have been constantly fighting with the saddle and that’s just no fun. I decided that I had to get myself a dressage saddle. The problem of course is that I don’t really have any money. Especially not enough for a custom new saddle. Or even a used high money saddle. Someday, but not today.

Lucky for me, I just had a birthday! And I asked for money. Just money. And every cent of that, I put towards a new saddle. I found this little gem on Ebay and thought I’d give it a try. It’s an OLD County Competitor with exactly my measurements and a tree width I thought would fit Gus pretty well. Plus, it was pretty darn cheap.

I was so impatient for it to arrive and so hopeful it would get here before my Saturday lesson (it did, thankfully!). I even ran home at lunch just to pull it out of the box and drive back to my job.


It was exactly what it was promised to be. A little big wide for Gus, but I was able to pad it up sufficiently. I obviously would prefer to get him a customary fitted saddle but this will work for a while. The best part, though, was that it fit me like it was made for me.


It is so nice to have a saddle that fits me for a change. And it made such a difference in my ability to do dressage correctly. And my trainer approved both of me getting a dressage saddle, and the overall fit for both me and Gus.

It’s a keeper!

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