New Home

For all my belly aching the other day, finding a new barn ended up being a relatively painless and quick process. I probably should have visited a few more barns but I just fell in love with this barn. It’s not fancy, it’s down to earth, the people are wonderful and all the horses are well cared for. Now, I am taking a bit of a gamble as I wasn’t able to meet the trainer (she’s in CA training for Rolex (which also probably gives away where I’m going to be if anyone wants to do any digging)) but from talking with her mom and her students I really feel like this is going to be a good fit for Dandy and I. The barn goes to all of the shows in Area VII and several in CA depending on what the students need and they’ve got students competing from BN thru P that I could tell. I’m excited to be part of the team and get competing.

Bonus points for this barn went to the awesome trail series they back up to AND that they allow dogs as long as they behave! I figured my days of taking Guinness to the barn where over with. Glad to hear that’s not true.

So now I’ve got to run up there this weekend and drop of my deposit. They’re going to email me the board contract and then it’s just a waiting game. I’m super excited to bring Dandy up here now that we’ve got a place to go. He is going to go in a stall but they’re fairly good size and he’ll have all day turnout. We’ll be stall #7. The barn owner has two stalls open at the moment so I got my pick of the two and stall 7 was nicer. Hopefully I will have pictures soon! I will for sure as soon as I get Dandy settled in.

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    1. It’s in Redmond in this totally secluded horse community. Should be great for wanting to get out of the ring and just wander around. We’ll be back in NV to get him on April 18th or 19th and do the 12 hr drive back on the 21st. It is still so far away I don’t know how I’m going to keep myself busy.

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