New Boots

Got my tax return a few weeks ago and it was much much bigger than I was hoping for. And I may have used it to splurge on a few items that I was in desperate need want of: new show clothes! They were only minor purchases you know *innocent grin.*

The thing I was most excited for were new boots. I have owned one pair of tall boots in my entire life. I bought them when I was in high school and they were synthetic. So purchasing my first grown up pair was a really big deal for me. I ended up trying the Treadstep Donatellos and while I was a little afraid that they’re going to be too large, I am in LOVE with them:


Sorry for the blurry photos. My phone doesn’t do very well when I ask it to zoom.


I am going to need to get some heel raisers until they drop but I think they fit great! And they really are like a second skin. I had to really bend myself around to keep my leg muscles relaxed while I zipped them up. Then I stretched  out on the couch and let my calves throb because they’re just that tight. When the leather does stretch a bit, however, they should be PERFECT.


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