New Bit

My trainer is a badass. Not only did she manage to win her division at Aspen Farms Horse Trial with a horse who had never gone advanced before, she was also recovering from food poisoning during Saturday’s XC run. Badass.

Dandy, on the other hand, is just an ass. After being so good for so long he decided that he just did not want to go forward and went straight up with JLE on Tuesday. JLE was not impressed. She was fine and she got all four feet back on the ground but she made him work for that little stunt. By the time she got off Dandy he was going nicely but he was also dripping sweat. There didn’t seem to be any reason for him to pull that kind of crap except that he just didn’t want to do what he was being asked. Jerk.

I got home from work on Tuesday and saw that Dandy’s new bit had come in (a 16mm double jointed loose ring). It’s all shiney and pretty and I can’t wait to use it!


So of course I went out to the barn that night to put it on his bridle where I ran into JLE and was told the whole sorry saga. *sigh* There are two positives however: 1) that JLE was riding him, and she corrected it immediately and 2) that he is choosing this option less and less. Like I keep saying, Rome wasn’t built in a day and I have to be happy with baby steps.

The next day I did, however, get a text saying that Dandy was the best he had ever been and that he seems to love the new bit. That or he’s feeling really guilty about being an ass.

5 thoughts on “New Bit

  1. I feel like you need to remind me that Rome wasn’t built in a day with Henry too lol!

    Yay for new things! Boxes at my door always make my day better!

  2. Yes! You do have an awesome trainer and you guys are blessed to be able to work with her. I wish we lived closer. Progress is progress…so take whatever you can get. And it’s great that he seems to like the new bit.

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