My Turn

Well, it was bound to happen. I’ve succumbed to whatever this bug is. Sore throat. Splitting headache. I slept most of the day away so sadly that meant no barn. Still, I’m getting to watch all my favorite shows with no complaining from the boy and he offered to go take care of the pony for me tonight. What a great guy, huh?

I did get up for an hour to go feed the horse and take Guinness to the trainers. He has not been behaving the best at the barn lately which is my fault. I’ve been letting him get away with a lot of naughty things. Oops. But it’s not unfixable, I just have to be on top of making him listen. He can’t just go wandering around wherever he wants. If I’m cleaning stalls he needs to be right there outside the stall waiting. If I’m in the arena setting jumps he can either lay by the mounting block or by my side.


We got our Canine Good Citizen title in the mail the other day. It’s pretty cool because now Guinness has letters after his name! Ok, I know it’s only CGC but still. I think it’s fun. Especially because I was his handler. His current trainer thinks I should look up an obedience or protection trainer in Seattle. Not only does she think Guinness can do this but it would be really good for him. I’m sort of excited. I think it’d be fun to do obedience.

In complete other news, apparently today is National Gonzaga Day. I had no idea there was such a thing! Gonzaga University is my alma mater and I spent some of the best years of my life there. So in honor of that I’m wearing my GU sweatshirt and I’ll share this very fun video with you all:

Then there were all the many hours spent sitting in the old gym doing homework and waiting in line to get tickets for the basketball games. Because that was the perk of being at Gonzaga. Being part of the Kennel, camping outside McCarthy, just for game day.

Go Zags!

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  1. Jealous you get to take your dog to the barn. I used to, but my current situation doesn’t allow it. Congrats on the CGC! I never filled out the paperwork to get my certificate for some reason, whoops.

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