My Smart Thoroughbred

One of the reasons I love OTTB’s is that they are so darn smart. And they’re so willing to try. I just love that attitude. So yes, I might have a conformation nightmare but he has no problem getting over the jumps.

Dandy loves going over to Madchen’s because a) the jumps and b) he’s figured out that if he does it right, he gets to be done. Madchen rode him on Thursday and they had a good ride. Dandy was getting to the base of the jump, rocking back on his hind end and jumping nicely. He was, oddly enough, even doing it with a loopy hunter rein. Silly pony. It was nice to seem him go in a nice relaxed rhythm though. Dandy did have a little bit of a moment when I put the third jump up in the grid but he got over it.

I love watching Madchen work with him but I’ve really got to get back on him and take a lesson myself. Next Thursday I’m getting on.

In related news, those winter breeches made all the difference. My toes and fingers were still basically ice cubes all day but my legs were nice and warm. I didn’t really start feeling bone chilled until the very end of the day and, after sitting for several hours with only minimal movement to set jumps, I can’t blame that on my breeches not being warm enough. That’s just what happens when you have a covered arena with two open sides and the sun goes down.

I also found the nicest little Christmas present in my locker from one of my fellow boarders.


How sweet is that? I wasn’t expecting anything and it’s just such a thoughtful little gift. Anything with my horse’s name on it is a okay by me! I’ve put my trailer keys on it so that when I take Dandy somewhere all I have to do clip it to the truck keys.

Yesterday I worked and wasn’t feeling the greatest so no barn time. Today I’ll head out early afternoon to, hopefully, take advantage of the warmest part of the day!

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