My "Say Yes to the Dress" Experience


I’m not sure if I mentioned this in an earlier post, but this last weekend my mom and sister flew down to go wedding dress shopping with me. I planned a full weekend of salons to visit. One of those, the first actually, was Bridals by Lori of Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta fame.

I didn’t expect to find a dress there but ya know, we had to go. It’s like 20 minutes from my house. Just for the experience.

Well, let me tell you, I’m so glad we did! First off, everyone was so nice and so helpful. Megan was our consultant (you might recognize her from the show). She called me a few days before my appointment to talk about what I was looking for which I thought was really neat. It wasn’t just a confirmation that I was going to show up but she was also trying to get to know me a bit.

The appointment started with me getting to choose which dresses I was going to try on and then would end with Megan pulling things she thought might look good once she saw me in a few dresses. The first three I tried on were definite no go… but the fourth was the dress.

Megan got me shoes and suggested I go out to the runway to look in the big mirrors. Then she offered to jack me up but right in the middle, Monte came running over to do it instead. Between him and Robin, they had me looking picture perfect in seconds.

And let me tell you, both Monte and Robin are exactly like they are in the show. Super nice and charismatic.

And yes, I did get to say “Yes to the dress!”

Now, apparently I got lucky because usually Monte is not in on the weekends and is off traveling and doing important stuff. But it was SO much fun! I felt so special and, while I wasn’t taping for an episode, it felt like it could have been.

But even better, I’m still thinking about that dress two days later! I can’t wait to wear it.

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