My “Little” Pony

Time for some childhood memories. Today’s topic, My Little Ponies. These were some of my favorite horse toys and came a very close second to Grand Champions (anyone remember them?). Anyway, I had a ton, I even had some of the sea ponies. My childhood best friend had even more. The hours we spent imagining silly scenarios for our ponies… My favorite was Firefly.

At least until my brother decided to use Firefly for target practice. *sigh*

MLP Dandy is amused but says I forgot his wings.

The other day, I stumbled on a name generator for My Little Ponies: Friendship is Magic and it got me thinking. Dandy totally has an Earth Pony name. I mean most of them are silly things like Applejack, Lickety-Split, Pink Lady, ect.┬áDandy Longlegs is just the sort of name you’d find in the My Little Pony universe.┬áHe’d be there right alongside the gang fighting off the Smooze.