My Equestrian Un-Bucket List

This blog has been way too depressing lately so I think it’s time for some happy stuff. Lauren over at She Moved to Texas posted this and I’m jumping on the bandwagon. Below are 30 things I’ve already done with horses that I’m proud of.

  1. Got my first horse.
    senior pic 1
  2. Finally got to go XC schooling.
  3. Purchased my first truck and trailer.
  4. Was a saddle club queen.
  5. Worked as a working student.
  6. Traveled across the country with my horse.
  7. Expert trailer backing skills.
  8. When I won a trip to see my first Breeders Cup World Championship in New York.
  9. Having been on the backside of a race track.
  10. Meeting D Wayne Lucas who trained my favorite racehorse: Charismatic.
  11. Galloped on the beach.
  12. Went swimming with my horse.
  13. Rode in the Sierra Nevada.
  14. Bought a saddle.
  15. Took a green OTTB to his first schooling show.
  16. Taught a horse to bow.
  17. Was the first rider on a newly backed horse.
  18. Jumped 3’6”.
  19. Sold my first horse.
  20. Started this blog.
  21. Took my first riding lesson.
  22. Went to the track with my dad.
  23. Been to the Rodeo
  24. Every good friend I made through horses.
  25. Won a class of more than five riders.
  26. Went to my first dressage show.
  27. Watched a baby born.
  28. Changed a flat tire on a horse trailer
  29. Saw Zenyatta win the Breeders Cup Classic.
  30. I got back on.