My 5 Favorite Things: The Horse Showing Edition

It had been a horse show filled summer and there are a few things I absolutely must have to keep me sane at horse shows:

1. “Horse Shave”

These are my life savers! I do not have very steady hands and usually take off Dandy’s whole nose when trying to use the normal clippers. While I do still take off extra hair if I’m not careful with these, I can get a nice clean shave on show day without worrying about electricity or dull blades. These are a must have for turning a summer yak into a horse show diva in seconds. 

2. Rags

If you look closely at any photo of Dandy in work, you will notice that he has the most attractive green lipstick ALL THE TIME. I am more than happy to have the foam there, it means he’s working and accepting of the bit. I do not like him going into the show ring with green slime, however. So you will usually see me at a show walking around with various rags in my back pocket. 

3. Portable Hanging Saddle Rack

I bought this thing for 10 bucks when I went to MN and could go to the Dover Store and am so glad I did. I tack up Dandy in his stall at horse shows because that is where he is calmest. I hate having to set my nice saddle on the ground or even my trunk but now I don’t have to because this fits perfectly on the portable stalls! It’s also great for after a ride when you need to clean it. 

4. Sun Shirts


I do not tan, I burn. That’s my light skinned Scandinavian heritage. So I love wearing my long sleeve sun shirts at horse shows. My particular favorites are the Dover Cool Blast Riding Sport because they are bright, very very light, and have the vents under the arms. 

5. Coffee

This is the only way I survive at 5:00 am when I’m trying to put braids in for an 8:00 am ride time. That is a brutal hour of the morning. No one should be up. 


So there you have it! What sort of tricks or treats keep you happy during long show days/weekends/weeks?

8 thoughts on “My 5 Favorite Things: The Horse Showing Edition

  1. I’ll have to try the horse shave things. I’ve seen them but never used them. I bet Emi would like them more than the clippers. Haha. Thanks for the sun shirt tip too. I’m also very fair skinned and have one sun shirt that I wear. I’d love to get more. 🙂

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