My 5 Favorite Things: The Edible Version

1. Redmond Rock –  $14

redmond rock

This is Dandy’s favorite item on the list. No joke. At our current barn I have to supply my own salt licks so shortly after moving here I went to the feed store to get a classic salt lick and mineral block. That’s what I grew up using, that’s all I knew. Well the lady at the store recommended I try a Redmond Rock. My trainer is sponsored by them so I figured, why not? Well Dandy has just loved them! He goes through one about every two months depending on how hard he’s been working and how hot it is. At first I was worried just how quickly I was having to replace it (in fact, he was biting chunks of the rock off at a time) but JLE checked with her rep and he said that it won’t harm him by doing so. Apparently there are over 50 different minerals in this block.

2. HorseTech’s Nutra-Flax – $37 to $268

I so wish I could get this in my SmartPak! I found this product when I was researching flax seed and trying to decide if grinding my own every few days was even going to be feasible. When I heard about this product I thought I’d give it a try. It’s preground for you but also has a two year shelf life (don’t ask me how!). I was so impressed with how healthy it made Dandy’s coat. I know a good Pony Club curry will put a shine on a horse but it doesn’t hurt to have a good foundation to work with.


Sadly Dandy’s no longer on this because I changed over to SmartPaks and didn’t want to do a SmartPak and a baggie. Doing this post has made me contemplate switching back to doing my own bags.

3. Peppermint Tums – $5


I know they are made for humans but Dandy gets a handful of these before every ride to help with his ulcers. He’s supposed to get a small scoop of Alfalfa pellets too but I’m not always very good keeping up on that. The best part about these is that they  don’t turn his saliva red like peppermints do (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve given a peppermint before a ride only to forget and freak out that the foam is pink!). Dandy loves these just as much as he loves any other sugary treat and I love them because I know that, however small it may be, it’s helping to keep ulcers at bay.

4. Body Builder – $70

I tried a lot of different feeds and supplements to put weight on Dandy. By far and away, this one was my favorite. The downside is that it was also the most expensive and was much harder to feed being that it was a liquid. However, I saw huge improvements in Dandy’s physique with this. He was keeping the weight on and gaining muscles in the right places.


5. 14 Hands Wine – $10+

Riders, this one is for you!

14 hands

As I’ve said before, the boy and I are winos. When we moved to Washington we found this in our grocery store and decided to give it a try based purely on the name and the beautiful label. Turns out, it’s actually a pretty good wine! It’s also a local winery and has a horse theme. Whether you need to celebrate a win or drink away a fall, this wine will do the trick.