Muddy Puppy

Dandy got the day off today, though Guinness and I did go out. I cleaned the main water trough while Guinness played in the mud. By the time we left he was covered in six inches of mud. *sigh* But since he’s been moping so badly with Eric gone it felt too evil to give him a bath so the little puppy got let off the hook.

Muddy Puppy

Yesterday, Dandy and I had a fantastic lesson at the arena. We worked on our bending and our stretching, the same thing we’ve been doing for a few weeks, but it was so great to have LG on the ground watching and correcting us. Dandy was very surprised by her megaphone the first time she used it and got a little prancey – I think it reminded him of the track.

I also rode Dandy in a flash for the first time and it made a huge difference. Gone was the gaping mouth and the bit chewing. Dandy was also much better at his releasing, turning, and pretty much everything. So today I ordered this:

Harwich Figure 8 Noseband by SmartPack

I might have been able to find a figure 8 cavesson for a bit cheaper but I want it to look nice and match the rest of my bridle. I’m really excited for it to come and to try it on Dandy! He’s going to look so snazzy.

Also, a picture of Dandy eating because I think it’s funny how he likes to pick up his right front foot and just hold it…

What a goofy horse...