Moving Day

Today Dandy is moving. Not to a different place, just to a different on site barn and stall. He will be switching over to my trainer’s little barn so that the young lesson kids can be together.

I think JLE was really worried I wasn’t going to want to move but I actually like this barn for him better. First, JLE’s tack room is locked at all times so I don’t have to worry about things going missing and second, the stalls are slightly bigger (and nicer). Move away! I told her.

So yesterday I was out at the barn moving my trunk and tack. Harley decided she needed to “help.”

wpid-20140928_130010.jpgI didn’t really mind her riding along on my trunk but it was super annoying when I was trying to pack it up. I would shoo her off the trunk, reach for the lid, and before I could raise it even an inch, Harley was right back up on it. That little stinker. Still, she’s going to be an awesome barn dog when she’s all trained up.

One other change is that I decided to take Dandy’s Jolly Ball down and give it to the dogs. He doesn’t play with it and I know the pups would. In fact, Guinness became down right OBSESSED with the Jolly Ball. Had I known that was going to happen I would have taken it down a long time ago.


And thank you for all the suggestions for alternative curry combs. I am definitely going to give them all a try but first I think I need to give him a bath.

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