More Bills

The horse isn’t even out with us and already the bills are stacking up. The biggest one being, or course, shipping him out here. We have a quote from a husband and wife team that was right in our budget and our time frame but we haven’t heard back from them for almost a week. I’m hoping that they’ve just been busy with the holidays and will get back to us early next week.

Things we’ve already had to do:

  • Vet bills – health certificate and coggins
  • Board at Wind N Wood
  • Board at Double M Stables

Things we’re planning on doing soon:

  • Adjustment with the Chiropractor – $125 (yikes! But needed. I’m not sure who does it around here and it’ll just be good for him to have)
  • Trailering – $900 (hopefully)
  • Board at FTF – $150
  • Vet bills – teeth floating $???

Things I’d like to do:

  • Tack: Clinton Anderson halter, lead and handy stick

At this point, I’m really hoping that the saddle and other tack that I already have fits well enough that we don’t have to splurge a lot right as we get him. It’s so hard to plan when I don’t have a job and it’s giving me fits. Eric just shrugs it off but he is the one with all the money! Hopefully something will pop up soon and I can stop freaking out and start saving for shows!!!