Meet Ziva

Everybody, meet the newest member of our pack: Ziva! She’s a seven year old German shepherd.


One of Eric’s coworkers has to rehome her dogs and we decided to lend a hand and take Ziva. So far, she’s an incredibly sweet dog who wants to be with her people.


Ziva is having a few issues settling in and has gotten into an altercation with Harley over an antler, but she’s still very new to the family. Things like the dog door and going out to play on her own are still very confusing to her. She does love chasing the squirrels though!


I’m hoping that as the days go on, Harley and Ziva bond a little bit better. Hopefully it won’t take too long! She’s such a wonderful dog and we are so happy to have her as part of the family.


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  1. Please teach me your genius ways of photographing a dark colored dog because I am STRUGGLING with chocolate Kona

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